Benefits of Hiring our Company for Your Home Improvement Project

open paint cans on newspaperWhen you’re looking to make major improvements to your home it’s important to hire the right person or company for the job. Whether you want a full bathroom remodel or brand new kitchen counters, bringing in the right builder can save you time, worry, and even money. At RSC Construction & Painting, LLC, we are committed to quality service, performance, and can handle any renovation project thrown our way.

If you’re searching for construction companies in Hillsborough County, FL, RSC Construction should be your first choice! For over seven years, we’ve been assisting local homeowners in our community improve and transform their once drab house to their dream abode. Our team of expert construction workers has the knowledge and expertise to handle any remodeling project our clients’ desire.

Rather than needing to call in a variety of different professionals to thoroughly complete your project, our team members are trained to perform a large amount of tasks. No longer will you need to call in the painter, electrician, and repairman. Our staff is able to complete all of these tasks within one project, saving you precious time and money.

For more information on what our construction company can do, visit us online at For any questions, concerns, or business inquiries, call us at (813) 419-4936 today and we’ll gladly assist you in any way that we can!